25 April 2016

Introducing a major player in microbiota research

Introducing Rob Knight...
Rob Knight is a Scientist from the US and a co-founder of the American Gut Project.
His short biog says he 'explores the unseen microbial world that exists literally right under our noses — and everywhere else on (and in) our bodies.'

Here is his TED talk about how our microbes make us who we are... It is a very interesting video, my favourite bit is the following:
'But imagine if there were a kind of neglected organ in our bodies that weighed just as much as the brain and in some ways was just as important to who we are, but we knew so little about and treated with such disregard. And imagine if, through new scientific advances, we were just beginning to understand its importance to how we think of ourselves. Wouldn't you want to know more about it?'

What are you most afraid our microbiota will tell us? Would you like to have yours analysed?

I'd love to read your thoughts, feel free to leave me a comment.


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