23 May 2016

The ultimate guide to probiotic supplements

I've been talking a lot about how wrong it is to ignore our gut flora, and I've tried to make a list of things we can do to optimize our gut flora. Something I have omitted is the talk about probiotics.
Although I am taking my own supplement, it's quite frankly a very unregulated area - something I intensely loathe! As you may have noticed, I like my facts to be evidence-based!
This post, however, is about a list of probiotics that have been studied for the treatment of various gastrointestinal (GI) issues and their level of evidence.
Although it is an American list, I think it gives an insight on which strains are useful for which ailment.
Have a look over HERE! If you are from the US, you may recognize some names. And some indeed are international so even we get them here in the UK.
Do you take probiotics? Is there a special disease, condition you would like to deal with by taking probiotics?
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