About Esmeralda

My Dear little bugs,

I'm Esmeralda, author of Science is So Sexy and My Bugs and I. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
A little bit about me: I'm originally from Belgium where I grew up in a very science-orientated family. I studied chemistry, natural sciences and biochemistry for many years and worked as an academic research scientist on age-related diseases and on cancer. I'm now a professional science writer working for a healthcare communications agency (if you'd like to know more about science careers, feel free to contact me)

Apart from Sciences, I love cooking, baking, making chocolates pralines or any dessert with Belgian chocolates. Reading crap books and watching Hollyoaks are my best weapons for relaxation!
And I made this gorgeous boy!

Thank you for visiting, don't hesitate to contact me esmeraldavermeulen@googlemail.com ...

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