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My Bugs And I is the new exciting project from author Esmeralda from ScienceSoSexy.com

Based on the tautology 'Me, myself and I', '[Me,] My Bugs and I' is a new blog focused on our lovely microbiota: our ecological community composed of millions of micro-organisms that live and work with us. After all, they do outnumber us 10 to 1 (update: when considering only nucleated cells) so they kind of do deserve a whole blog!

With articles on calorie counting, obesity, breastfeeding, diabetes, allergies, eczema, depression and many more, we will explore their role in helping us stay safe and sane.

Content is created from published scientific peer-reviewed journal articles that can be accessed on NCBI website.

Evidence-based content is identified and referenced, but opinions are my own and do not represent a referable source of information. Although content is always scientifically accurate, it is stricly intended for general information and microbiota awareness.
Please do not use this content as health and nutritional advice and always refer to your doctor/dietitian/gastroenterologist for your health questions.

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Excerpts from My Bugs And I 

...With 100 trillion bacterial cells belonging to up to 1000 species, it is estimated that it covers 3 million genes - a pretty long story that hasn't been fully told yet.
What? Three million genes of microbes in and on our body when we, ourselves, are only composed of 20,500 genes??...

....Interestingly, if you transfer the gut microbes from an obese mouse into a lean germ-free mouse, the recipient mouse becomes obese. Now, I know what you would like to know, and I would like to know it too:
  • Does the opposite experiment work?
  • Would it work in humans too?...


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